Decal Installation


Applying your vinyl graphics is simple if you follow some basic guidelines:


  • Patience, good preparation, a steady hand, and good weather will produce the best results. Decals should be installed within 15 days of purchase.
  • The VINYL DECAL comes in one piece and is sandwiched between a clear layer of protective tape and a layer of waxy backing paper.
  • Both the backing paper and the clear protective tape are removed during the installation process.
  • The adhesive side of the decal is sticking to the backing paper and peels off easily.
  • HOWEVER, the adhesive on the vinyl decal is EXTREMELY sticky, so be very careful when you peel it off.
  • If you ordered your decals to be arranged in a group, they will come as one large display and will be mounted all at once.
  • Apply decals to hard, smooth, non-porous surfaces (glass, metal, etc.) or properly prepared wood surfaces (sanded, painted/clear-coated and completely dried).
  • Always install the graphics when the temperature is between 50-78 degrees F.
  • Don't try to install in windy conditions.
  • Make sure the surface where you are going to install your decals is absolutely clean and spotless.



1.  Rub decal with squeegee or credit card against flat surface
2. Get a piece of hard plastic or "squeegee", or a plastic putty knife or credit card.
3. Mix water in a spray bottle or mister (1 or 2 drops of dish washing liquid).

NOTE: Spay water lightly misted - if you drown the surface or the sticky  vinyl adhesive too much - it won't stick. The water is the fail safe  method for positioning your decal perfectly and for being able to remove  bubbles.

4. Spray installation surface LIGHTLY with water. Peel off decal backing paper and expose the sticky side of the vinyl.
5. Starting at any one side (top, bottom, left, right), place edge of decal where you want it
6. Slowly lay rest of decal down on installation surface. If needed, gently move decal to exact position where you want it.
7. Using "squeegee", gently smooth out any air or water bubbles on  decal, working from the CENTER to outside edges. Do this to avoid  trapping air or water bubbles.
8. Finish by peeling the clear protective tape very slowly back on  itself. Don't just pull straight away from the surface. The slow motion  will allow the vinyl to stay on the surface while removing the tape. You  don't want to pull the vinyl off the surface. Pop any bubbles with a  pin (sewing pin, push pin) and press out the air or water. Any water  bubbles will evaporate in a few days. 






1. Rub decal with squeegee or credit card against flat surface

2. Peel off backing layer slowly.

3. Place decal where you want it.

4. Rub decal with squeegee or credit card.

5. Gently peel off clear protective tape from decal.